Quality Assurance

quality assurance"80% of network problems are cable related"

"Our business cannot operate without our phones and computers"

"Each minute we are down costs us over $1,000,000 in sales"

These quotes are real life.  We have come to depend on our IT systems as the life blood of our businesses.

At Intec we take this to heart.  We keep this in mind in everything we do - from design to installation to serivce.

We maintain a complete Quality Assurance program that ensures that the products we provide, the installation we perform, the service we give is all at the highest quality possible.  Most of our quality assurance goes unseen by you the customer but you can rest assured that we have the processes in place that will give you the highest reliability available.



 "Safety First" - usually the first banner you see on any construction project.

  • We believe it, we teach it, we monitor it.
  • We maintain an OSHA approved safety manual
  • We have OSHA certified safety engineers
  • We hold safety meeting, we give safety training
  • From the smallest jobs to the largest projects we insist that good safety practices are followed.
  • We always participate in each project's safety program


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