178637507The construction industry has numerous challenges. Crews working in remote locations with equipment that needs to be managed.  RFP, RFQ, Change orders, building codes are a few of the headache terms, and communicating with remote crews is always difficult.

Intec has designed a mobile communications center to help construction companies deployment strategies. We can deploy a complete voice, data system and security system within a couple of days and coordinate with a local carrier to have your office up and running quickly.

The temporary offices construction crews usually set up are mobile home like structures that can be moved from job to job. The goal is to make this process as simple and efficient as possible and to be able to have a fully functioning office environment anywhere anytime in short order. 

Intec can provide video surveillance coverage for the project site for security, time lapse,  realtime monitoring, and recording. We have fog cutting technology that can provide good images even in dense fog.






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