122532060For today’s lawyer, the most important step after passing the bar exam may be establishing the right communica­tions. Clients expect high levels of accessibility today—it’s critical to the kind of personal service that wins new business and builds loyalty.

But keeping everyone in touch is just the start of what a communications system can do for today’s law firm. The right communications system will also enable your firm to

• Cut costs—supporting a flatter structure and fewer support personnel who can work effectively from anywhere

• Eliminate errors and increase cash flow—by automating the process of time-based billing and accounting

• Simplifying a wide range of routine tasks such as call recording and billing reports

Intec works with law firms around the nation to help them take advantage of industry tailored communications systems. Specifically designed for the needs of today’s law firms, Intec provides a single, compact solution with a wide range of capabilities that can be cus­tomized to the specific needs of your firm. Intec provides security systems to protect your facilities and the privacy of your clients and their information.

If you are ready to use communica­tions to drive your growth in the rap­idly changing world of legal services, rely on Intec to give you the tools you need to succeed!

Intec provides phone systems, video conferencing, paging systems, access control, video surveillance, wifi for your facilities.  We also can tie all your facilities together for one managed systems including phones, paging, access control, and video surveillance. 






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