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4The always-in-touch realtor

Imagine a realtor without a mobile phone? Impossible in today’s environment.

But to really be in touch today, having a mobile phone is just the start. Today, the right communications system can do much more than simply keep your agents connected when they are not in the office.

Ask yourself—are you taking advantage of your communications system to:

• Simplify the way all calls, voice messages and e-mails get to your agents

• Ensure that every caller gets the personal service that enhances your agency’s image and drives customer loyalty

• Provide the ability to access and update documents on the office server

• Provide video conferencing to show that out-of-town client all you have to offer

• Keep your overhead low by using your communications system to efficiently route calls, handle routine requests and take advantage of home-based workers

Intec works with realtors around the nation to simplify their business, drive sales and lower costs by taking advan­tage of intelligent communi­cations systems.

In a single, compact solution, Intec provides an unprecedented set of leading-edge communications capabilities specifically designed to help today’s realtors work better and serve customers more effectively.

Intec provides phone systems, video conferencing, paging systems, access control, video surveillance, wifi for your facilities.  We also can tie all your facilities together for one managed systems including phones, paging, access control, and video surveillance.

If you are ready to use communica­tions to drive your growth in today’s rapidly changing realty marketplace, rely on Intec to give you the tools you need to succeed.





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