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200407246 001Connecting your dealership

From the showroom to the service bay—and everywhere in between— the right communications solution is the key to connecting your sales and service reps to customers and to each other:

• Eliminating the missed calls that result in missed opportunities

• Delivering the personal service that drives customer loyalty

• Keeping your overhead low by using the built-in intelligence in your communications system to route calls and handle routine requests

Intec is ready to meet the needs of today’s auto dealers with intelligent communications systems.

In a single, compact solution, Intec provides an unprecedented set of leading-edge communications capabilities specifically designed to help today’s auto dealers work better and serve customers more effectively.

Intec provides phone systems, video conferencing, paging systems, access control, video surveillance, and WiFi for your facilities.  We can link your facilities together for one managed system which  includes phones, paging, access control, and video surveillance.

If you are ready to use communica­tions to drive your growth in today’s rapidly changing auto dealer market­place, rely on Intec to give you the tools you need to succeed!





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